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12 June 2012

Infor Employees School Building Project - First Major Milestone Accomplished

In continuation to our communication on 21st May 2012 about the School Building Project we are happy to inform that yesterday 10 June 2012, first major milestone has been accomplished by successfully completing the first roof laying work of Infor School Building. After the final Quality Check, work started at 11 AM and was completed by 6 PM.

There were many challenges due to heavy wind and rain the previous day night, there was no power till today morning, gravel shortage, unable to access the site due to fallen branches / trees on roads, slushy soil in and around the site. Due to power failure, water was a major problem.

Though it was very cloudy all through, it did not rain in this village, it was rain in neighbouring villages just a couple of kilometres away during the day, so it is very clear that God’s decision was in favour of a noble deed by Inforians and the roof laying was a Success in spite of so many hurdles.

Material & Man Power for the Roof Laying Work
1.       Gravel ( 20 MM)               - 1350 Cubic Meters
2.       Sand                                      - 945 Cubic Meters
3.       Cement Bags                     - 318
4.       Water                                   - 24,000 Litres ( app)
5.       Labour                                  - 36
6.       Supervising                         - 8 ( 4 From School & 4 from Contractor)
7.       Steel                                      - 3.5 Tonnes
8.       Binding Wire                      - 100 Kgs ( 4 Bundles)
Positive Outcome
The student strength of the school is going up by 25 this year due to the upcoming facility and more parents are showing interest to send their children to this school. Parents are waiting for the school construction to be completed.
Funds Status
Amount in Lakhs
Ways to Donate
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Online Transfer
                        Account Details :
HDFC A/c             : 16261450000021
IFSC Code            : HDFC0001626
Name                    : CARE
Account Type       : Savings
Email                    :

Cut a cheque In favour of “CARE”

                Hand over the Cash to your team CARE volunteer.

Current Milestone Payment
Since the milestone is reached, it is time to pay to the contractor. Current Milestone payment is Rs. 7.5 Lakhs and the shortfall is Rs. 4.5 Lakhs.
So requesting each one to contribute for this noble deed.   

Next Milestone Payment
          On Completion of Second Roof, tentative date is 1 July 2012. Amount to be paid to contractor will be Rs. 7 Lakhs
Work Progress Pictures


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