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5 October 2011

Our visit to RDF - Wadlakonda School

Infor CARE Volunteers, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity for the year 2011 has identified Rural Development Foundation (RDF) as an organization to partner with and support in improving the infrastructure of the school in a very remote village called Wadlakonda, in Warangal District. The school is about 170 KM from Hyderabad. Please visit  to know more about RDF.
Proposal :
 The proposal is to construct a School Building by contributions from employee, friends and families of employees and hand over to RDF.
India: Please contact with subject “RDF School”.
USA: You can transfer online or cut a cheque. In the memo section of the cheque please write"RDF - Wadlakonda School".

All donations will get an 80G certificate.
Please visit for Tax Saving Details.

Address to Post Cheques:
India Rural Development Fund,
633 Festivo Ct,  Fremont, CA 94539
Phone: 510 870-2493
FAX: 510 490-4949

Volunteers Site Visit:
The rollout has been done to the CARE volunteers and trip to the RDF schools was organized by Infor CARE on 10th September 2011 to see and understand the organization and its  commitment to transform the rural areas into modern villages.  After the visit, entire team is thoroughly convinced that construction of the school building is the right step forward in our support to the education in rural areas.

Here are some of the moments that Infor CARE Volunteers experienced during the visit to RDF schools.
There are 3 schools and 1 Junior college in 30 KM radius. The team visited all the schools and Junior college and spent more time in Wadlakonda Village School where the building is proposed.
 This is the school building of RDF KALLEDA School, Kalleda Village, Parvathagiri Mandal, Warangal Dist. This building is given away to school by the Errabelli family.

High School students gave Guard of Honor to our volunteers, followed by class room’s visit, to know the various activities, teaching methodologies, followed by interaction with the students.

These are some of the activities performed by the students.

This activity is done to keep the body strong, flexible ,stress relief and increase mind power.

This is one of the rare activities that we find.  But this school provides  training for archery , and some of the students participated in the  National competitions.

Snap of a Snap. Praneeta who represented India in Beijing Olympics in 2008 was trained in Archery by RDF.

Students performing Traditional  LAMBADA dance. This is the popular dance in this region.

RDF Wadlakonda School Students. Building proposed is in this Village.

Science fair

Mid-Day Meal 
Nutritious Mid Day Meal provided by the school is generally the best meal for many students in a day.

The students themselves  do farming. Major chunck of Rice which they use for lunch is grown by the students. 

This is the school at Wadlakonda Village, where the students have the same talent  and spirit. But there is no proper infrastructure for them to study, in the picture you can see the children studying under the  trees and temporary sheds. So let us all get together to help the blooming buds for their bright future by constructing the school building. This Temple of Education will serve more than 350 students per year and for many decades with Very Good Quality of Education. 

Land for RDF School
Land  for the construction of new school building. i.e., RDF SCHOOL

Volunteers with School Children and Staff

Volunteers Comments:

“It was one of the most memorable trip we had ever experienced.  RDF is doing an excellent work in creating the dreams of the upcoming students by showing them a brighter future”

“The discipline, the way of teaching and the respect earned by RDF is formidable”

“RDF schools are Telugu Medium Schools. But we were  amazed by  the way they spoke in English. With education they are teaching ethical values, general awareness, at home how to give helping hand to parents, extracurricular activities like yoga, archery, sports, dance etc…”

This trip is just the beginning and many trips will follow to make this project successful.


Depends on the amount being donated by the employees, to start with, it will be 10 months.

Donation: Starts at Rs. 100 to Rs. <your choice>. If the average donation per employee is Rs.500/- then the project can be accomplished in 10 months.

Conclusion:  Infor CARE Volunteers are thoroughly convinced about the school building proposal . We can start the collection of fund.

Infor CARE earnestly requests everyone to be part of this project and support with generous heart to make this a success and shape up thousands of lives in years to come. Your contribution will help not just one child or for just one year but for thousands of children and for many years to come.

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