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27 September 2012

RDF School in News

Once a Dream is Now a Reality

It is exciting to share the pictures of the School Building which was once a dream is now a reality. This was possible only because of your contribution. Construction is still in progress and another month to go before the building will be operational.

Also attached are the recent news articles of 4H and Cargil organization heads visit to RDF schools, they also visited our school under construction.

Current Status
-        1.  Ground Floor Internal plastering is over
-        2.  First Floor Internal Plastering will be over tomorrow
-        3.  External plastering will be completed by 1st Week of October.

The below items were part of initial scope based on commitments from prospective donors, but since the funds could not be realized till date, the following are being de-scoped. If we receive donations by 1st week of October 2012, then we will be able to get them executed. The total deficit is Rs. 5.5 lakhs. We generated Rs. 39.4 Lakhs so far.

1.       Flooring
2.       Painting
3.       Student Toilet Block
4.       Electrical fittings
5.       Kitchen

Infact the staff and students are happy and content with what they have.

Thank you so much for your generous donation and making a life long difference for really deserving children. Will keep you posted with more information shortly.